Symposium Program

March 8, 2012 (French Family Science Center 2231)

8:00AM On-­‐site Registration in FFSC
8:45AM Welcome remarks:  Robert Calderbank, Dean of Natural Sciences

Session I Chair: Peter Paul

9:00AM Orbital Angular Momentum in the Proton, Gerry Garvey
9:30AM Catching up with the neutrino, Hamish Robertson
10:00AM An Overview of Jlab Physics, Hugh Montgomery
10:30-­10:50 AM Break

Session II Chair: Petr Vogel

10:50AM The KamLAND years, Stuart Freedman
11:20AM PandaX, a Dark Matter Search Experiment in China, Xiangdong Ji
11:50-­1:15 PM Symposium photo followed by Lunch at R. David Thomas Center

Session III Chair: Jim Napolitano

1:15PM A Strange Parity Violation, Michael Ramsey‐Musolf
1:45PM The SAMPLE Experiment, Betsy Beise
2:15PM The G0 Experiment, Doug Beck
2:45-­3:05 PM Break

Session IV Chair: Wolfgang Lorenzon

3:05PM The Past and Future of Parity-­Violating Moller Scattering, Krishna Kumar
3:35PM Precision Reactor Neutrino Physics with the Daya Bay Experiment, Karsten Heeger
4:05PM Where does the spin of the proton come from?, Keh-­Fei Liu
4:35PM The Story of polarized 3He: from form factors to search for new physics, Haiyan Gao

Public lecture 5:15-­6:15 pm
Introduction by Provost Peter Lange
Addressing America’s Energy Challenges, Steve Koonin

Reception 6:15 – 7:00 pm

March 9, 2012 (French Family Science Center 2231)

Session V Chair: Steve Koonin

8:45AM Hadronic Parity Violation and Effective Field Theory, Barry Holstein
9:15AM The fair chance for nuclear astrophysics, Karlheinz Langanke
9:45AM Fundamental Studies in Nuclear Physics, Brad Filippone

10:15-­10:45AM Break

Session VI Chair: Roxanne Springer

10:45AM Bobbing up: dynamics from symmetry violation, Bira van Kolck
11:15AM Searching for new physics: from free quarks to dark photons, Richard Milner
11:45AM Big Science as Business: CERN, Dan Olof Riska

12:15-­1:30PM Lunch at R. David Thomas Center

2-­3:30PM Nasher Museum
3:45-­5:30PM Duke Garden tour led by Horst Meyer
6:00PM Reception, Doris Duke Garden Center
7:00PM Banquet, Doris Duke Garden Center